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Google made search engines global and pervasive.  They extended the common notion of searching text to seaching maps, pictures, videos, goods for sale and more.  Besides large companies like Microsoft, Amazon and eBay, to mention just a few, that provide search services, there are many niche vendors, trying to emulate Google's success in highly focused market segments.


Techviser's consultants have used search engines for decades, starting with Dialog.  They advised venture investors on the market for search engines. More recently they have used and given talks on Google's search engine.

Typical Projects

Techviser can:

  1. help search engine companies launch new products and services
  2. analyze markets for search engines
  3. help companies implement custom search engines
  4. train corporations on how to use search engines strategically for marketing and analysis of customers
  5. work with search engine optimization companies on marketing strategies for their clients