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Partner Selection

Distribution and development partners can help businesses grow. Distribution partners range from web portals, to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to traditional resellers. Small companies can benefit from programs offered by larger technology companies. Large companies can enhance their product lines by partnering with innovative startups. Techviser helps companies find partners.

Engagement Ring - The Start Of A Partnership

A company's first customers may act as strategic partners, offering favorable terms, providing reference accounts and helping resell products. Techviser can help startups find and meet with strategic partners.

Techviser's consultants have managed third party software programs for software platform companies. They have also worked with channel managers in major corporations to help identify resellers for vertical markets.

Techviser can help companies work with affiliate programs to monetize websites and attract customers. In addition, Techviser can help companies choose services companies who can manage public relations, advertising, search engine optimization and analytics to increase market awareness.